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BBC Scotland will once again provide live streaming of a British Curling event as the domestic season comes to a close with the deciding match in the Mixed Doubles Elite Finals at the National Curling Academy in Stirling.

It will be the fourth time in recent months that the BBC has picked up coverage of the competitions set up by British Curling under special protocols agreed with the Scottish government and sportscotland to minimise risk to players and staff to compensate for the abandonment of international competition for much of this season. 

“It has been hugely encouraging to attract this sort of interest from the national broadcasters, which highlights the quality of the events we have staged and the standard of play,” said Nigel Holl, British Curling’s Executive Performance Director.

“This is a vital season for our players since there is now less than a year to go to the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The cancellation of last year’s World Championships has also reduced the qualifying opportunities for the Olympics, so we have to ensure that whoever goes to the Worlds this year are match fit.

“Generating these opportunities for our players to compete in high level, meaningful competitions in this current climate has consequently been a huge credit to our staff who have multi-tasked brilliantly, not only in managing the competitions, but in providing a streaming service throughout them and the BBC coverage has been the icing on the cake in that regard.”

The final will get underway at 11.00am tomorrow (Wednesday 17 February) at the National Curling Academy and will be available to watch on BBC Scotland online and the BBC iPlayer.


Line scores available from @Curling Zone.
Semi Finals *Live streamed games available from

The event and new guidelines:

  • The return to training and the internal competition at the NCA follows approval from the Scottish Government /sportscotland and includes specific protocols such as daily medical monitoring for all athletes and staff, venue specific changes, cleaning and sanitising routines.
  • British curling notes the latest restrictions introduced as a result of COVID and has ensured that the approach to the internal competition and ongoing training thereafter complies fully and athletes and staff have been fully briefed on the latest guidance and their responsibilities as a result.


Wednesday 10 February

0830 – Draw 1
Gray/Waddell v K McMillan/C Bryce 4-8
Davis/Kyle v Morrison/H McMillan 7-6
E Yeats /N Ryder v Joiner/Cannon 9-8(EE) 
Duff/Whyte v Dodds/Mouat 4-7

1145 – Draw 2
Wilson/Brydone v Wright/Hardie* 6-7
Bousie/Haswell v Henderon/Craik 3-9
Muirhead/Lammie v Fowler/Fowler 7-0
Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean v Aitken/Paterson 7-6

1500 – Draw 3
Smith/Goodfellow v Farmer/Watt 7-9
Sinclair/Menzies v Stirling/Kingan* 8-5

1815 – Draw 4
Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean v Muirhead/Lammie 6-9
Fowler/Fowler v Aitken/Paterson* 7-6
Wright/Hardie v Bousie/Haswell 7-6
Wilson/Brydone v Henderson/Craik 8-7

Thursday 11 February
0830 – Draw 5
Davis/Kyle v Duff/Whyte 8-3
Gray/Waddell v Joiner/Cannon 6-4
Dodds/Mouat v Morrison/H McMillan 7-6 (EE)
K McMillan/C Bryce v E Yeats/N Ryder 7-3

1145 – Draw 6
Wright/Hardie v Fowler/Fowler 5-4
Wilson/Brydone v Muirhead/Lammie 8-7 (EE)
Farmer/Watt v Henderson/Craik* 4-6
Bousie/Haswell v Smith/Goodfellow 2-11

1500 – Draw 7
K McMillan/C Bryce v Dodds/Mouat 5-10
E Yeats/N Ryder v Sinclair/Menzies 3-8
Gray/Waddell v Duff/Whyte* 6-8
Stirling/Kingan v Joiner/Cannon 8-5

1815 – Draw 8
Bousie/Haswell v Aitken/Paterson 5-6
Henderson/Craik v Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean 4-9
Smith/Goodfellow v Wilson/Brydone* 8-9 (EE)
Wright/Hardie v Farmer/Watt 3-7

Friday 12 February
0830 – Draw 9
E Yeats/N Ryder v Morrison/H McMillan 6-9
K McMillan/C Bryce v Stirling/Kingan 5-4
Joiner/Cannon v Davis/Kyle 1-11
Sinclair/Menzies v Gray/Waddell 6-8

1145 – Draw 10
Henderson/Craik v Smith/Goodfellow 4-11
Farmer/Watt v Bousie/Haswell 7-8
Fowler/Fowler v Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean 7-6 (EE)
Aitken/Paterson v Muirhead/Lammie* 6-7

1500 – Draw 11
Joiner/Cannon v Sinclair/Menzies* 1-13 
Morrison/H McMillan v Duff/Whyte 4-9
Stirling/Kingan v E Yeats/N Ryder 7-6
Dodds/Mouat v Davis/Kyle 8-1

1815 – Draw 12
Aitken/Paterson v Wilson/Brydone 9-6
Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean v Wright/Hardie* 3-10
Bousie/Haswell v Muirhead/Lammie 3-10
Henderson/Craik v Fowler/Fowler 9-4

Saturday 13 February
0830 – Draw 13
Duff/Whyte v Stirling/Kingan 12-6
Gray/Waddell v Davis/Kyle 7-6
Sinclair/Menzies v Dodds/Mouat 9-7 (EE)
Morrison H McMillan v K McMillan/ C Bryce 7-10

1145 – Draw 14
Muirhead/Lammie v Farmer/Watt 8-2
Smith/Goodfellow v Fowler/Fowler 8-9 (EE)
Aitken/Paterson v Wright/Hardie* 4-6
Wilson/Brydone v Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean 10-2

1500 – Draw 15
Morrison/H McMillan v Gray/Waddell* 9-7 (EE)
Joiner/Cannon v Dodds/Mouat 2-14
Davis/Kyle v K McMillan/C Bryce 4-9
E Yeats/ N Ryder v Duff/Whyte 3-8

1815 – Draw16
Fowler/Fowler v Bousie/Haswell 2-8
Muirhead/Lammie v Henderson/Craik 11-7
Wilson/Brydone v Farmer/Watt 3-9
Smith/Goodfellow v Wright/Hardie* 4-9

Sunday 14 February
0830 – Draw 17
Dodds/Mouat v E Yeats/N Ryder 8-6
Sinclair/Menzies v K McMillan/C Bryce 3-13 
Duff/Whyte v Joiner/Cannon 7-3
Gray/Waddell v Stirling/Kingan 6-5 (EE)

1145 – Draw 18
Wright/Hardie v Henderson/Craik 8-3
Bousie/Haswell v Wilson/Brydone* 7-4
Wilkie-Milne/ McFadzean v Smith/Goodfellow 6-9
Farmer/Watt v Aitken/Paterson 5-6 (EE)

1500 – Draw 19
K McMillan/C Bryce v Joiner/Cannon 11-4
Stirling/Kingan v Morrison/ H McMillan* 7-8
E Yeats/N Ryder v Gray/Waddell 2-9
Davis/Kyle v Sinclair/Menzies 3-8

1815 – Draw 20
Smith/Goodfellow v Muirhead/Lammie* 6-9
Fowler/Fowler v Farmer/Watt 9-6
Henderson/Craik v Aitken/Paterson 11-4
Wilkie-Milne/McFadzean v Bousie/Haswell 3-10

Monday 15 February
0830 – Draw 21
Sinclair/Menzies v Duff/Whyte 8-3
Davis/Kyle v E Yeats/N Ryder 7-5
Dodds/Mouat v Stirling/Kingan 7-1
Joiner/Cannon v Morrison/H McMillan 7-6

1145 – Draw 22
Muirhead/Lammie v Wright/Hardie* 7-6
Fowler/Fowler v Wilson/Brydone 3-10

1500 – Draw 23
Dodds/Mouat v Gray/Waddell* 10-2
Morrison/H McMillan v Sinclair/Menzies 4-7
Duff/Whyte v K McMillan/C Bryce 10-4

Tuesday 16 February
1000 – Draw 24 Quarter Finals*
Wright/Hardie v Sinclair/Menzies 6-3
K McMillan/Bryce v Wilson/Brydone* 7-8

1500 – Draw 25 Semi Finals*
Wright/Hardie v Dodds/Mouat
Wilson/Brydone v Muirhead/Lammie 

Wednesday 17 February
1100-Draw 26 FINAL*

Photos: Perthshire Picture Agency – Graeme Hart


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